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Satire 2013 Calendar

Do It Later! Calendar

Do It Later! 2013 Planner

Do It Later! 2013 Planner

Now in its eighth procrastincarnation, Do It Later!Gńˇ provides all the tools required for your hands-off (but effective) approach to work. Each week presents a calendar grid with ample room for appointments, along with procrastinator wisdom, tips, and quotes; an organizational section for prio This 2013 calendar is produced by Pomegranate.
Murphy's Law Calendar

Murphy's Law 2013 Desk Calendar

Murphy's Law Calendar : Desk : 2013

Anything that is thrown away will immediately be needed. The traffic lane you merge into promptly stops moving. And the phone call you've been waiting for comes the minute you're out the door. When all else fails, blame Murphy's Law, the popular adage that states if anything can go wrong, it will. T This 2013 calendar is produced by Andrews McMeel.
Retro Spoof Calendar

Retro Spoof 2013 Wall Calendar

Retro Spoof Calendar : Wall : 2013

Kick it old school with vintage-inspired images that combine an appreciation for boozing with a new witticism each month. This calendar will have you laughing so hard you'll fall off your barstool! UPC: 057668834508 EAN: 9781438819259 This 2013 calendar is produced by Trends International LLC.
Uglydoll Calendar

Uglydoll 2013 Wall Calendar

Uglydoll Calendar : Wall : 2013

Spend 2013 with the Uglydolls, visitors from Uglyverse, where ugly means unique and special. This weirdly adorableGă÷and bestsellingGă÷calendar features all-new photographs and illustrations. Includes bonus Uglydoll cubee! ISBN: 1419703137 EAN: 9781419703133 This 2013 calendar is produced by Abrams.
Urban Dictionary Calendar

Urban Dictionary 2013 Desk Calendar

Urban Dictionary Calendar : Desk : 2013

UrbanDictionary.com, a user-created online dictionary of modern slang, attracts more than 200 million visitors a year. Called "unruly but surprisingly useful" by the New York Times, the site makes it easy for coworkers to learn what "laborhood" means, lets college students debate the definiti This 2013 calendar is produced by Andrews McMeel.

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Select your favorite 2013 calender from our thousands of choices including our Satire Calendars assortment. Our calenders include almost every type of Wall Calendar, Daily Boxed Calendar, Desk Calendar, Engaement Calendar and more. We hope you like the selection of Satire Calendars.

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