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Food & Drink 2013 Calendar

A Year of Healthy Living Calendar

A Year of Healthy Living 2013 Wall Calendar

The A Year of Healthy Living wall calendar by Ann Lovejoy is a warm, heartfelt invitation to expand your awareness of health and well-being, improve your meal choices and enjoy life more fully every day. Each month features topics that approach food as a nurturing component of the life that s
Art of the Bistro Calendar

Art of the Bistro 2013 Wall Calendar

Serving up bistro ambience is Jennifer GarantGăÍs specialty. Inspired by frequent working vacations to New Orleans, Jennifer cooks up canvases that celebrate gourmet tastes, spirited chefs, and colorful culinary encounters. ISBN: 1423817443 UPC: 038576052796
Beer Calendar

Beer 2013 Wall Calendar

Fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure. This 2013 calendar features a dozen vintage beer ads to tempt your taste buds all year longGă÷perfect for beer connoisseurs or anyone who enjoys a cold beer after a long day! EAN: 9789085185666
By the Sea Calendar

By the Sea 2013 Wall Calendar

By the sea is a beautiful place to be. Relax with the beautiful seaside photography in this breathtaking yet relaxing wall calendar. EAN: 9781421601403
Chile Peppers Calendar

Chile Peppers 2013 Wall Calendar

Now in its 15th dynamite year, the Chile Pepper calendar has developed a devoted following for good reason. From the pepper expert, Chilehead Larry Noggle, comes the calendar loaded with hot stuff for spicy food lovers. Chile Peppers 2013 is filled with original tongue-tingling recipes
Chocolate Calendar

Chocolate 2013 Mini Desk Calendar

Three cheers for chocolate! It's yummy. It's affordable. It's healthy. Each page of the Chocolate 2013 Mini Day-to-Day Calendar features a full-color illustration of a chocolaty treat or a bit of info about what is truly one of life's little pleasures. The calendar's backer has magnets and an
Chocolate Calendar

Chocolate 2013 Wall Calendar

This luscious wall calendar for 2013 is truly a chocolate lover's fantasy. From truffles to chunks, this tantalizing treat is photographed in all its tempting shapes and sizes for you to savor all year long. Each month features plenty of room for marking important dates and extra space for notes. E
Chocolate Calendar

Chocolate 2013 Wall Calendar

This new wall calendar for 2013 features a dozen appetizing, color photographs of chocolate. Week begins with Monday. EAN: 9783863236793
Chocolate Passion Calendar

Chocolate Passion 2013 Wall Calendar

Mmmmm, chocolateG㬠one of the most popular flavors today. This calendar shows this delicious food in its many manifestations: dark, milk and white from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. Deliciously photographedGă÷it is almost as good as eating some chocolate! EAN: 9783863234751
Coca-Cola Calendar

Coca-Cola 2013 Wall Calendar

Refreshingly decorativeGă÷COCA-COLA-ź illustrations capture the spirit of youthful innocence from bygone days. This quintessential icon of American culture is showcased in our retrospective collection calendar. The Coca-Cola Company is the worldGăÍs largest soft drink distributor and its most recognized
Coffee Calendar

Coffee 2013 Wall Calendar

Like a delicately brewed cup of coffee, Dan DiPaolo's art is a satisfying blendGă÷but of tones and expressions. Real coffee gives a jolt to graphic depictions of the wonders of java, expressing Dan's sense of humor and whimsy. Make your coffee break last all year long with the monthly Coffee 2013 D
Coffee Calendar

Coffee 2013 Wall Calendar

Lisa Kaus's Coffee is a perfect display of a coffee lover's intense passion for the caffeine fix, complete with witty sayings. Industry rated as the #1 calendar since 1999, LANG Wall Calendars are the most popular brand among consumers year after year. A full sized calendar grid on linen embo
Coffee Calendar

Coffee 2013 Wall Calendar

Can you recite the entire menu of your favorite coffee spot in under a minute? If not, then youGăÍll appreciate the twelve photos appearing in the 2013 Coffee Wall Calendar that bring the many faces of your favorite beverage to light. The espresso machine gleams, coffee cups form patterns on
Coffee Calendar

Coffee 2013 Wall Calendar

This new wall calendar for 2013 features vintage advertising posters of coffee. EAN: 9783863234478
Coffee Calendar

Coffee 2013 Wall Calendar

Start your day of a little bit bolder and a little bit brighter with this calendar. Ben Mann's paintings will give you just the jolt you need to make it through the day. All calendar pages are printed on FSC certified paper and use environmentally safe inks. UPC: 619344255153 EAN: 9781617765155
Cookies Calendar

Cookies 2013 Desk Calendar

Enjoy a Cookie a Day, based on our highly successful 500 Cookies cook book. Recipes on the back of every page!
Cupcake Calendar

Cupcake 2013 Desk Calendar

A new treat every dayGă÷based on our highly successful 500 Cupcakes cook book. Recipes on the back of every page!
Cupcakes Calendar

Cupcakes 2013 Wall Calendar

Perfect for the novice or expert alike, these uniquely decorated cupcakes come with ingredient & supply lists and step-by-step decorating instructions. But, if you don't want to make them, you can simply enjoy the resplendent photographs. All calendar pages are printed on FSC certified paper and use
Cupcakes Calendar

Cupcakes 2013 Wall Calendar

From dainty, frosted bites for a tea party to hearty chocolate dollops covered with multi-colored sprinkles to plain, basic vanilla goodness, these luscious images celebrate cupcakes in all their delicious glory. Dazzling graphics illustrate a different cupcake every month in this delicious 16-month
Cupcakes Calendar

Cupcakes 2013 Wall Calendar

It's not cheating if you're only looking! Take a break from your diet with a dozen images of this tantalizing, scrumptious dessert. UPC: 057668833402 EAN: 9781438821788
Food & Spices Calendar

Food & Spices 2013 Wall Calendar

Add a little flavor to your kitchen decor with this new wall calendar featuring 12 color photographs featuring the beauty of foods and spices plus a free color poster. EAN: 9783863234744
Fruit Crate Labels Calendar

Fruit Crate Labels 2013 Wall Calendar

All the fruit and vegetable wooden crates shipped to market in the early 20th century in America needed eye-catching labels at each end to attract buyers. They were often immigrants unable to read so they needed strong images and bold recognizable graphics to attract their attention. This calendar f
Fruit Crate Labels Calendar

Fruit Crate Labels 2013 Wall Calendar

At the end of the 19th century, refrigerated railroad cars made long distance shipping of perishable produce possible. Labels were created so shippers and merchants could more easily identify what was in the crates. They also helped create brand recognition. These vibrant and colorful paper labels b
Garden Calendar

Garden 2013 Easel Desk Calendar

This new easel desk calendar features a charming collection of vintage garden seed catalogs. Featuring colorful images of farm-fresh corn, juicy tomatoes, succulent squash, and cheerful spring flowers. Printed on heavy ivory-colored paper, this calendar features twelve vintage and historic images re
Gooseberry Patch Calendar

Gooseberry Patch 2013 Softcover Engagement Calendar

Ready for the best year yet? Keep track of all the most memorable days with the new 2013 Appointment Calendar from Gooseberry Patch! From birthdays and appointments to anniversaries and other special occasions, this 12-month, spiral-bound datebook has space to jot them all down. Gooseberry Patch's d
Gooseberry Patch Calendar

Gooseberry Patch 2013 Wall Calendar

Filled with easy home-style recipes, handy tips and beautiful watercolor art, each month of our 2013 Wall Calendar celebrates the best of the season. There's plenty of room for jotting notes and special occasions. A perennial bestseller from Gooseberry Patch, it's filled with a year's worth of simpl
Gourmet Calendar

Gourmet 2013 Long Poster Calendar

Beautiful photographs of delectable food highlight this sumptuous visual feast for 2013. Keppler & Landler have outdone themselves in this collection of gourmet food presented as a feast for the eyes. Treat yourself without any weight gain as the calendar marching across the bottom of each image m
Gourmet Calendar

Gourmet 2013 Super Poster Calendar

Food, it pleases all our senses, and the delicious looking photographs that make up this super poster 2013 Gourmet Calendar donGăÍt disappoint. Their exquisite layout and tasteful presentation are sure to delight all gourmands who stop by to check the monthly calendar reference at the bottom o
Gourmet Calendar

Gourmet 2013 Wall Calendar

This 2013 wall calendar featuring delectable photos of fine gourmet meals and ingredients will intrigue your taste buds and delight your eyes. IsnGăÍt that what gourmet food is all about? An added ingredient for any gourmet meal is presentation, so these twelve gorgeous pictures certainly provide a
Hello Cupcake Calendar

Hello Cupcake 2013 Wall Calendar

Using everyday components and basic recipesGă÷including cupcakes, donut holes, pretzels, candies, and cerealsGă÷food wizards Tack and Richardson create the most outrageous and charmingly delicious cupcake creations you've ever seen. The Hello, Cupcake! 2013 Wall Calendar features all-new designs
Herb Gardens Calendar

Herb Gardens 2013 Wall Calendar

Cooks, gardeners and anyone who cherishes the magic of herbs will enjoy entering this world of flavor, fragrance and color. Herbs have been used for centuries on every continent in cooking, medicines, perfumes and crafts. More than just a calendar, this is a resource to be kept. Herbs can be used in
Herbs Calendar

Herbs 2013 Wall Calendar

Herbs are prized for their medicinal qualities and the bold flavors they add to cuisine. A life without the various herbs we often take for granted would be very dull indeed. Celebrate the physical beauty of herbs as well in this tantalizing 2013 wall calendar that lovingly pays homage to these impo
Joy of Cooking Calendar

Joy of Cooking 2013 Desk Calendar

The book that revolutionized cookbooks and attitudes about cooking at home has for more than eighty years been the go-to source of information and recipes for kitchen novices and professionals. Its hints and how-tos offer guidance, and its proven and updated recipes have been enjoyed by countless mi
Kitchen & Spices Calendar

Kitchen & Spices 2013 Vertical Wall Calendar

This new wall calendar features spectacular color photographs of food and spices. The perfect kitchen calendar! EAN: 9783863235963
Kitchen Calendar

Kitchen 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Warm and cozy with the inviting aromas of cooking food, the kitchen is a place for family and friends to gather and share the many wonders of food, conversation, and togetherness. From the lens of Christel Rosenfeld comes this hugely popular annual collection of culinary still-life photography. This
Kitchen Calendar

Kitchen 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

Appreciating the style and nuances of cooking and its presentation takes your culinary adventure beyond mere food to cuisine. Enjoy the beauty and elegance of vibrant place settings, colorful patterns, and an assortment of fresh food. Be inspired to take your kitchen to the next level with this Kitc
Organic Food Recipes Calendar

Organic Food Recipes 2013 Wall Calendar

This wall calendar is a perfect companion for any aspiring chef. Each month offers a simple, seasonal and healthy recipe along with tips on growing, harvesting, picking out produce and cookingGă÷all with an emphasis on the importance of an organic approach. All calendar pages are printed on FSC certif
Play with your Food Calendar

Play with your Food 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

Saxton Freymann has proven that anything is possible when you Play With Your Food. This year's calendar with its parade of baby characters created from ordinary fruits and vegetables, is an adventure that will speed you laughing on your way to a fresh appreciation of food. ISBN: 0767191587
Salut! Calendar

Salut! 2013 Wall Calendar

Much like fashion, the wine industry, in particular, and its followers indulge in all its glamour and refinement. Add to the mix the art and style of anything retroGă÷and you have the perfect recipe for a calendar theme. Engaging and colorful, Salut! presents a calendar collection of vintage po
Seed Catalogues Calendar

Seed Catalogues 2013 Wall Calendar

The Smithsonian Institution Libraries have a unique catalogue collection that includes approximately 10,000 seed and nursery catalogues dating from 1830 to the present. The real gems of the collection date from 1830 to the 1930s and are both beautiful and important historical documents. Seed trade c
Susan Winget Wine Country Calendar

Susan Winget Wine Country 2013 Vertical Wall Calendar

Susan Winget's Wine Country captures the bold and rich sentiments of wine and its many accoutrements. Vertical Wall Calendars offer LANG quality within a narrower, space efficient format. Vertical Calendars are great for everywhere from the cubicle to the kitchen cupboard. 12 Full-Color image
Susan Winget Wine Country Calendar

Susan Winget Wine Country 2013 Wall Calendar

Susan Winget's "Wine Country" captures the bold and rich sentiments of wine and its many accoutrements. Industry rated as the #1 calendar since 1999, LANG Wall Calendars are the most popular brand among consumers year after year. A full sized calendar grid on linen embossed paper, 13-3/8"w x 12"h, f
The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar

The Collectible Teapot & Tea 2013 Wall Calendar

This calendar is charming homage to the ritual and the pleasures of afternoon tea. Every month, sit down to a beautiful teatime setting starring distinctive teapots accompanied by scrumptious sweets and nibbles. ISBN: 076116703X EAN: 9780761167037
The Herbal Calendar Calendar

The Herbal Calendar 2013 Wall Calendar

The Herbal Calendar offers artist Peggy Turchette's detailed watercolor illustrations, with your favorite garden herbs. The perfect kitchen calendar also includes delicious recipes and garden projects for every season. Even recipe cards ready to cut out! EAN: 9781594908415
The Organic Kitchen Garden Calendar

The Organic Kitchen Garden 2013 Wall Calendar

The Organic Kitchen Garden wall calendar is a perfect companion to every cook's kitchen. Featuring beautiful photographs of kitchen gardens and the lush produce they offer, this calendar pairs images with twelve months of recipes and tips inspired by the bounty of kitchen gardens and the loca
The Wonderful World of Tea Calendar

The Wonderful World of Tea 2013 Wall Calendar

This new wall calendar features a delicious look at the many aspects of tea in color photography. EAN: 9783863234065
Vineyards Calendar

Vineyards 2013 Wall Calendar

Toast Mother Nature's glorious contribution to liquid happiness each month in this tribute to wine, with vino visions of the breathtaking places that wine grapes call home. UPC: 057668833297
Vineyards Calendar

Vineyards 2013 Wall Calendar

Full of rolling hills of colorful grape vines throughout the seasons, this Vineyards 2013 wall calendar celebrates the natural beauty of the wine country landscape. Celebrate where wine, one of lifeGăÍs simplest pleasures, comes from with spectacular photographs that are sure to inspire awe. EAN: 97
Vintage Posters Calendar

Vintage Posters 2013 Wall Calendar

Enjoy a year's worth of vintage poster art with this new wall calendar for 2013. Perfect for any d?cor! UPC: 788958863204 EAN: 9781608281848s provide a glimpse down some of the rare, overlooked beauty found on the backstreets. From Boston to Florence each backstreet is as stunning as the next one.ding. es of all time.

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