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Alphabetical List

Transportation 2013 Calendar

A Year of Train Trivia Calendar

A Year of Train Trivia 2013 Desk Calendar

Keep your days on track and on schedule with this daily calendar. The only train trivia calendar in the market, this daily calendar offers trivia, photos and illustrations from the comprehensive files of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.
Above & Beyond Calendar

Above & Beyond 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Push the envelope with Air Force, Marine, Navy, and Air National Guard units in the Above & BeyondGäó Calendar. Each month experience anew the excitement of AmericaGÇÖs finest fighting aircraft in spectacular, ready-to-frame, full-color photographs by top aviation photographer Rick Llinares. Feat
Above & Beyond Calendar

Above & Beyond 2013 Desk Calendar

All the excitement of U.S. military aviation is here in the Above & BeyondGäó Desk Calendar. U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine, Army, Air National Guard, and Coast Guard aircraft appear in stunning full-color photographs by top aviation photographer and author Rick Llinares. Informative captions giv
Air Superiority Calendar

Air Superiority 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

The Air Superiority 2013 sixteen-month calendar features modern military aircraft from around the world, captured in flight by award-winning photographer John M. Dibbs. Mr. Dibbs, world renowned for his Flying Legends books and calendars featuring vintage piston-era warbirds, works the
Airplanes Calendar

Airplanes 2013 Wall Calendar

Mankind has flown in airplanes for over a hundred years, and yet the grace and agility of these beautiful machines never ceases to amaze. Invariably, your imagination soars as you fly above beautiful landscapes and into billowing clouds. Classic airplane lovers are sure to appreciate this exquisite
Canadian Trains Calendar

Canadian Trains 2013 Wall Calendar

The railway systems of Canada transport people and products over a network of iron and steel that stretches throughout the breathtaking Canadian landscapes. Witness the power and beauty of these remarkable machines, from antique steam engines to modern freight and passenger trains. Produced via envi
Caterpillar Calendar

Caterpillar 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

This 2013 calendar offers a fantastic presentation of Caterpillar's newest machines. Cat heavy machinery is known throughout the world, and this calendar is filled with examples from the versatile skid loaders up to the goliath mine trucks, dozers, scrapers, and wheel loaders. Each month also includ
Classic Motorboats Calendar

Classic Motorboats 2013 Wall Calendar

Elegant and fast, here are glorious examples of the golden age of motor boating. Sculpted in mahogany, brilliantly varnished, fixtured in chrome, and powered by reciprocating engines of vast displacement, these personal powerboats provided then, as they do today, a sense of exhilaration for their ow
Classic Sail Calendar

Classic Sail 2013 Wall Calendar

Classic Sail features sailing craft ranging from traditional working vessels and cruising sailboats, to exciting America's Cup contenders of the past. Kathy Mansfield, whose work is found in nautical magazines, including WoodenBoat, Cruising World, and Water Craft, brings together American an
Classic Sailing Calendar

Classic Sailing 2013 Wall Calendar

The magnificent Rosenfeld Collection is the archive for the historic images in this stunning, sophisticated calendar for 2013. Each beautifully photographed black-and-white image is identified by date, location, builder, accompanied by other pertinent facts, and is itself worthy of display or framin
Classic Trains Calendar

Classic Trains 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

Train aficionados will be enthralled by the vintage black-and-white photographs of some of the mightiest, sleekest engines to ever ride the rails in this 2013 calendar. EAN: 9781619830059
Classic Trains Calendar

Classic Trains 2013 Wall Calendar

The year 2013 unfolds with a gallery of carefully preserved vintage photographs that celebrate the early history of the locomotive. Informative captions provide additional information in this handsome wall calendar. Each month, including the mini grids for September through December 2012, cites all
Classic Trains Calendar

Classic Trains 2013 Wall Calendar

These twelve classic black and white photographs from 1905 through 1938 picture the sunset of the locomotive steam age and the dawn of streamlined diesel and electric trains. All aboard for a sentimental journey down the tracks of time! The large format features big daily grids with ample room for j
Colorado Narrow Gauge Calendar

Colorado Narrow Gauge 2013 Wall Calendar

A rail-fan favorite, Colorado Narrow Gauge shows the trains that once traversed the narrow gauge rails, serving the Centennial state's mountain communities and their mines from the 1800s into the mid-1900s. EAN: 9781594908385
Commercial Aircraft Calendar

Commercial Aircraft 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

For 2013, Commercial Aircraft features twelve different commercial aircraft types and carriers, from jumbo jets to island-hoppers. This calendar is loaded with great shots of the "big birds" for everyone in the industry. UPC: 608634001501 EAN: 9781605550497
Cruising World Calendar

Cruising World 2013 Wall Calendar

The call of the sea sounds clearly in this calendar from the editors of Cruising World magazine. Escape on a relaxing sail to far-flung ports of call and exotic locales. The Cruising World calendar is ideal for weekend sailors and everyone who loves sailboats and the sea. This is the 2
Farmall Calendar

Farmall 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

The beauty of the farm and its machinery take center stage in this sumptuous calendar featuring Farmall's finest collectible tractors in beautiful settings. With tractors from some of the premier collectors in America photographed under the stars, on the farm and in the shop, this calendar blends th
Flying Legends Calendar

Flying Legends 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

The Flying Legends 2013 sixteen-month calendar features legendary World War II warbirds from around the world, captured in flight by award-winning photographer John M. Dibbs. Mr. Dibbs' Flying Legends books and calendars are longtime bestsellers. Razor-sharp, unretouched air-to-air pho
General Aviation Calendar

General Aviation 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

A must for the general aviation enthusiast! Month after month, youGÇÖll enjoy seeing the top dogs of general aviation, from single engines to corporate jets. This calendarGÇÖs sure to be a big hit! UPC: 608634001518 EAN: 9781605550503
Ghost Warbirds Calendar

Ghost Warbirds 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Take delight in our exclusive Ghost Warbirds calendar! This warbirds calendar breathes life back into those heroes of the sky. Each month showcases exceptional photographs of classic warbirds. UPC: 608634001464 EAN: 9781605550459
Golden Age of Flight Calendar

Golden Age of Flight 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

The Golden Age of FlightGäó Wall Calendar showcases that special era when propeller-driven aircraft ruled the skies. Detailed captions by best-selling author Walter Boyne accompany stunning, ready-to-frame color photographs of these venerable warbirds. Featured aircraft include the P-51C Red Ta
Golden Age of Flight Calendar

Golden Age of Flight 2013 Desk Calendar

The Golden Age of FlightGäó Desk Calendar showcases that special era when propeller-driven aircraft ruled the skies. Detailed captions by best-selling author Walter Boyne accompany color photographs of these venerable warbirds. Featured aircraft include the B-17 Flying Fortress, P-51 Mustang, S
Helicopters Calendar

Helicopters 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

The premier helicopters calendar in the country! This calendar vividly illustrates the many roles helicopters play in the defense of our troops and in civilian life. UPC: 608634001488 EAN: 9781605550473
Howard Fogg Trains Calendar

Howard Fogg Trains 2013 Wall Calendar

Considered the all-time master of railroading art, Howard Fogg painted the power and majesty of the steel wheel on the steel rail. After rail fans discovered Fogg's artistry, he spent the next 50 years as a freelance artist reinventing the steam age. In Howard Fogg's Trains, his paintings liv
Jets Calendar

Jets 2013 Wall Calendar

The twentieth century witnessed an onslaught of technological advancements like never before. Among these many modern marvels, certain innovations are easily taken for granted. Take, for instance, the jet engine, which along with brilliant aeronautical engineering redefined the rules of warfare, and
Jets Calendar

Jets 2013 Wall Calendar

The year 2013 unfolds with a gallery of stunning full-color images of some of the world's fastest jets, accompanied by informative captions, in this handsome wall calendar. Each month, including the mini grids for September through December 2012, cites all the major holiday observances. EAN: 978162
Military Jets Calendar

Military Jets 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

The most popular military jets calendar in the industry! With outstanding photos of jets in flight, this is truly the "top gun" in its class and a must for the jet enthusiast. UPC: 608634001471 EAN: 9781605550466
Nauti Benders Calendar

Nauti Benders 2013 Desk Calendar

Whether you're into Power or Sail, Nauti-Benders informs and challenges the novice or most experienced "Captain" alike. Each page poses a question with descriptive nautical topics that will make every day a boating day! UPC: 9781893697355 EAN: 9781893697355
Pacific Ghosts Calendar

Pacific Ghosts 2013 Wall Calendar

Pacific Ghosts showcases photos of significant WWII artifacts in the Pacific. Where it differs from other works is that the artifacts are properly identified and located including GPS coordinates. Further, each artifact has been researched and identified down to unit specific details. The cal
Pennsylvania Railroad Calendar

Pennsylvania Railroad 2013 Wall Calendar

Chartered in Pennsylvania in 1846, construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad began in 1847, and the first all-rail line reached Pittsburgh in 1852. Eventually, PRR connected Chicago with Washington, D.C. Pennsylvania Railroad recalls the unique engines and trains of "The Standard Railroad of
Power Calendar

Power 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

POWER features stunning photography of the newest cruisers, sportfishermen, trawlers, runabouts and more. Ranging from 23' to 60', these boats offer even the most discriminating yachtsman... an opportunity to dream! But that's not all. POWER not only shows you serene and spectacular se
Railroading Calendar

Railroading 2013 Wall Calendar

Travel across the continent and share the drama of the "high iron." See Union Pacific 3075 heading east past Geneva, Illinois; BNSF 7731 rolling westward through Chalender, Arizona; R&N's green-and-yellow diesels in Pennsylvania, and more. Featuring a major and minor photo each month, Railroading
Railroads Calendar

Railroads 2013 Wall Calendar

This popular BrownTrout title includes thirteen photographs of scenic railroad lines from across the country. See freight trains, coal trains, passenger trains, and retired trains turned tourist trains as they power through cities, over mountain passes, and across bridges spanning spectacular canyon
Richard Allison's Warbirds Calendar

Richard Allison's Warbirds 2013 Wall Calendar

Warbirds brings together the drama of flight and the climactic action of war in the air through the paintings of Richard Allison. The role played by air power in two World Wars and the clashes that followed continues to speak to the imagination and spirit of everyone who admires air machines
Sailing Calendar

Sailing 2013 Wall Calendar

This wall calendar for 2013 features the glory of ships under sail illustrated in a series of dramatic color photographs. Week begins with Monday. EAN: 9783863236816
Sailing Calendar

Sailing 2013 Wall Calendar

The thrill of the sail. Strong winds pushing the vessel along the sea. The power of nature and the power of man-made innovation come together in the passionate sport of sailing. This wall calendar features stunning color photography of sailing and sailboats. EAN: 9781421600208
Santa Fe Railway Calendar

Santa Fe Railway 2013 Wall Calendar

Chartered in 1863, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway's first trains rolled the next year, and the line reached Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1880. By 1929, at its peak, the Santa Fe had over 13,000 miles of track. Santa Fe Railway captures images of steam and diesel from across this vast
Steam & Steel Calendar

Steam & Steel 2013 Wall Calendar

The Norfolk and Western Railway was the last American railroad to abandon steam and convert to diesel. During the mid-1950s, O. Winston Link (1914 GÇô 2001) created a photographic legacy of this period of American rail history which remains unrivaled. UPC: 764453089387 EAN: 9781416289388
Steam Railways of Great Britain Calendar

Steam Railways of Great Britain 2013 Wall Calendar

Symbols of the Industrial Revolution and modernity, the steam railways of Great Britain offer glimpses of the past against the British modern day landscape. The steam combustion engine powered trains through the countryside of 19th century England, Scotland, and Wales, and in so doing, made historic
Tall Ships Calendar

Tall Ships 2013 Wall Calendar

There are few things on the high seas more dramatic than the great clouds of sail raised by traditional full-rigged ships. For Tall Ships Thad Koza, a renowned tall ships lecturer, photographer, and author, photographs these vessels at events in the United States and in Europe. EAN: 97815949
Tall Ships Calendar

Tall Ships 2013 Wall Calendar

This Tall Ships calendar will undoubtedly cause daydreaming for any pirate-at-heart. You'll imagine yourself as a rogue pirate, storming the seas looking for hidden treasures on these grand seafaring structures. The tall ship is your palace on the sea! Your ship is the manmade jewel of the open wate
Those Remarkable Trains Calendar

Those Remarkable Trains 2013 Wall Calendar

This exceptional collection of classic train images offers thundering power and great style through more than 50 years of railroading. Those Remarkable Trains range from Reading Northerns 2124 and 2100 on a passenger special in Pennsylvania, to one of the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range's pond
Tractors Calendar

Tractors 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

Agriculture is the mainstay of life in rural America, and the tractor is the focus of this mini wall calendar, which features both vintage and modern tractor machines. A tractor is used to pull heavy loads and is typical of the type of machinery found on a farm. These machines have large, heavily tr
Tractors Calendar

Tractors 2013 Wall Calendar

Though steam-powered tractors had been around since the mid 1800s, it was the internal combustion models of the early 20th century that truly revolutionized the world of agriculture. Weary draft animals and overworked farmers all of a sudden got an enormous helping hand in their never ending struggl
Tractors Calendar

Tractors 2013 Wall Calendar

The year 2013 unfolds with a gallery of stunning full-color images of classic tractorsGÇöJohn Deere, Allis-Chalmers, and Farmall among themGÇöaccompanied by informative captions, in this handsome wall calendar. Each month, including the mini grids for September through December 2012, cites all the major
Vintage Airplanes Calendar

Vintage Airplanes 2013 Wall Calendar

Vintage Airplanes pictures classic aircraft from the golden age of aviation. Photographed by Dan Simonson, each aircraft is described by Brian Nicklas from the Smithsonian Institution's Air and Space Museum. Sales benefit the Golden Age Air Museum and the Vintage Aero Flying Museum, nonprofit
Vintage Tractors Calendar

Vintage Tractors 2013 Wall Calendar

The traditional farming methods of horse and steam power were human intensive, laborious and costly. Commemorate the advent of the tractor with this calendar featuring images from classic antiques to older workhorse models. All calendar pages are printed on FSC certified paper with environmentally s
Vintage Tractors Calendar

Vintage Tractors 2013 Wall Calendar

Restoring vintage tractors to their previous glory has been a popular pastime among farmers all across North America for some time. Finding parts is never easy, but showing off these old-time beauties to friends and putting them to the test at tractor pulls provides a good deal of satisfaction. This
Wooden Boats Calendar

Wooden Boats 2013 Wall Calendar

The 2013 Calendar of Wooden Boats continues to set the highest standards of quality and tradition for wooden-boat enthusiasts around the world. The 2013 edition features 12 new images by Benjamin Mendlowitz, one of the top marine photographers working in the world today. Sailboats, small boa

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