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Impressionism 2013 Calendar

Carl Larsson Calendar

Carl Larsson 2013 Wall Calendar

Carl Larsson, Sweden's best-loved artist, is widely regarded as one of the founders of Swedish style. These details from the charming watercolors of his home and family have inspired designers ever since with their beautiful textile designs, deceptively plain interiors, and the use of natural light.
Carl Larsson Calendar

Carl Larsson 2013 Wall Calendar

Carl Larsson (1853 G혀 1919) was a Swedish painter and interior designer, representative of the Arts & Craft Movement. His many paintings included oils, watercolors and frescoes. ISBN: 1617912301 UPC: 825600032301
Degas Calendar

Degas 2013 Wall Calendar

French artist Edward Degas (1834 G혀 1917) is renowned for his skill in drawing and painting the human figure in motion. His style is most characterized by his expressive painting style in combination with his "snapshot" perspective. The Impressionist movement and his personal discovery of Japanese pr
Degas' Dancers Calendar

Degas' Dancers 2013 Wall Calendar

People call me the painter of dancers, but I really wish to capture movement itselfG현Edgar Degas (1834 G혀 1917). These wonderful paintings of ballet dancers in Paris show Degas at his best. EAN: 9789085184997
Impression Calendar

Impression 2013 Poster Calendar

Twelve beautiful images from the Impressionism school of painting make up this 2013 Impressionism Poster Calendar. Each month features a new image from some masters of this art form. Spiral binding and monthly dates with Sundays shaded for easy reference complete this lovely package. UPC:
Impressionism Calendar

Impressionism 2013 Softcover Engagement Calendar

The Impressionism 2013 Engagement Calendar features a year's worth of the mastery of color and light from one of the world's premier Impressionist collections, with signature works from such artists as Degas, Monet, Homer, Renoir, Hassam, and Cassatt. The calendar offers a strikingly diverse
Impressionism Calendar

Impressionism 2013 Wall Calendar

This stunning wall calendar for 2013 features 12 beautiful paintings in the Impressionism style from the National Gallery of Art. The six language decorative calendar grid features phases of the moon, holidays and lots of space for personal notes. UPC: 820956057770 EAN: 9783832757397
Impressionists (Spanish) Calendar

Impressionists (Spanish) 2013 Wall Calendar

Arte impresionista is easily recognized by its distinctive use of color and swift brushwork, which capture momentary visual impressions. With subjects as diverse as las personalidades de los artistas, Impressionism brought controversy and a lasting legacy to el mundo de arte. Br
Impressionists Calendar

Impressionists 2013 Softcover Engagement Calendar

The Impressionists changed forever how we see the world around us, and this spiral-bound appointment calendar for 2013 includes some of their most luminous works. Each page covers one week. Additional pages provide international telephone dialing codes, cities of the world time differences, tables o
Impressionists Calendar

Impressionists 2013 Wall Calendar

Considering the enormous popularity Impressionist art enjoys today, and considering the major influence it has had on numerous subsequent movements, it is hard to imagine a time when it was looked upon with almost universal disdain. But indeed it was when an early group of French impressionists held
Impressionists Calendar

Impressionists 2013 Wall Calendar

Impressionism is a 19th-century art movement that originated with a group of Paris-based artists known as Impressionists. This stunning wall calendar for 2013 features a dozen works that brilliantly display this beautiful art style. The 16-month calendar also features spacious grids for marking appo
Joaquin Sorolla Sunshine & Shadow Calendar

Joaquin Sorolla Sunshine & Shadow 2013 Wall Calendar

Joaquin Sorolla (1863 G혀 1923) was one of the most high regarded and popular painters of the early 20th century. His bold free brushstrokes and ability to portray light and nature are unsurpassed. The question then is why is he not more widely known? Perhaps because he was not part of any artistic mo
The Artist's Garden Calendar

The Artist's Garden 2013 Wall Calendar

Gardens have long been an inspiration for painters and illustrators, especially the impressionists who were known for using gardens as a setting to show the pleasure of domestic life as well as the beauty of flowers and nature. EAN: 9789085185444
The Impressionist and the Sea Calendar

The Impressionist and the Sea 2013 Wall Calendar

The ever-changing nature of the sea was the perfect subject for the Impressionist painters; it gave them the chance to experiment with their painting techniques and compositions but also to closely observe and capture the transient moment. EAN: 9789085185352
The Impressionist Camera Calendar

The Impressionist Camera 2013 Wall Calendar

These photographs were deliberately made to look like paintings, drawings, and watercolors, aspiring to the status of fine art. Ironically, this has imbued the images with a quality that can only be achieved in great photography. EAN: 9789085185529

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